Customer Perception Report Services

Customer Perception Report Service (download brochure  PDF)
Understanding how customers perceive your company is critical in today’s competitive market. The HTRC Group has developed the Customer Perception Report in order to give companies the detailed understanding of how customers perceive a company and it’s products and services. The HTRC Group’s Customer Perception Reports provide independent measurement and validation of the health of a company’s relationship with their customers. Central to the report is the customer perception map, which includes scores from four key perception areas, including Purchase Decision, Customer Service, Expectations, and Future Purchases.

Companies with great support and happy customers should be able to flaunt their success, positive results should be used as marketing collateral. The HTRC group uses proven web-based research methods to interview customers regarding their perception of a company.

CPR Service Areas:

  • Tenant Satisfaction: See an example here
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Manufacturing Vendor Satisfaction
  • Supply Chain Satisfaction